About me

Hi –

I’m going to keep this short for now. My name is Darren. I am a junior in college studying business. I hate it.

Not really. I just find it sorta – morally ambiguous. I wouldn’t sit in and occupy wall street, I’m not a hippie or anything – I just have lots of conflicting morals with what business abides by – I’m not a saint either.

I live life curating and discarding moral codes depending on which ones feel right. I am constantly improving my standards of life because I am always trying to search out ways to improve.

I embody the true element of a student. I search for the lesson and spiritual elements of every situation in life.

It’s fucking exhausting.

That “Hello,” you said to me in the hallway in an act of random kindness?

I thought about it deeply for 15 minutes,

Reading your facial expression, your reaction to my response, your behavior after.

All in the efforts of understanding you more, because I love to.

I need to understand people so I can love them. I believe it’s a true purpose of my personality and my job to convey this to others. In hoping that writing my thoughts down, will help me to understand myself better. It’s my goal to have you believe in my writings – to have you relate to me on such a level.

There, I think that was honest enough for an about me? How boring would it have been if I just listed out my life story all willy-nilly – Letting you all know me so easy like that! No way baby, you’re gonna have to keep coming back, digging for more. Maybe if you email me…