Tyler The Creator Seems Like a Cool Dude

I always got the vibe that Tyler The Creator would’ve been a great kid to know in high school.

That was just based on the personality displayed in the public as he catapulted into fame. When I discovered the show he’d done with his friends on Cartoon Network it solidified this belief even more.

Though, nobody that creative can be easy to be around all the time. That’s kind of a stereotype against creatives but unfortunately it’s frequently true. What separates the bearable creatives to the unbearable is self-awareness.

I think Tyler’s early albums were rooted in his chaotically genius creativity. A desire to be outrageous, which reminds me significantly of Eminem’s outrageous style, and spinning it into actual good music is a serious feat for someone as young as Tyler was.

He even had a creative collective, Odd Future Wolfgang Yeah We Kill Them All – I think I got that right. I actually remember seeing sweatshirts and hearing kids talking about “Odd Future” in my middle school art class. I wasn’t quite there yet and it stood out to me as interesting but I didn’t really explore Tyler until late high school/college.

His orange album, blanking on the name of it, and the album that contains “Rusty” are both filled with self aware digs at himself. The orange album in particular really, really struck a chord with me. Tyler either lives with depression or is seriously educated on the subject.

I honestly don’t think I’d have ever guessed that based on his public persona. Only in these songs where he really releases himself can you hear his soul and voice speaking out.

I think he’s a really likable character that’s emerged in the last 10-15 years. He’s downright relatable. He talks about being a “drama club kid” and just going where the fun was. Probably not a clue of what he wanted to do – maybe unsure of his ability/desire to go to college and understandably not too thrilled to enter the workforce.

He was on Larry King, which adds to Tyler’s legendary status – whether he wanted to go on there or not, you get the impression that he did care and wanted to give a good interview. I say that because I imagine a younger Tyler goofing on the old Larry King.

I was suddenly reminded of the first thing I saw of Tyler’s – a skit from his show about an old golfer named Thurnis Haley washing his golf balls in a laundromat saying random funny things in a mumbled voice.

The last album I heard of his was Igor. I wasn’t a super huge fan but I liked some of it for its poppy/dancey vibes. Artists change and mature and I wouldn’t waste breath begging for “the old Tyler”. I feel strongly that music fans of my generation should understand by now – after “I miss the old Kanye, straight out the ‘go Kanye” and “I miss the old Drake”.

Anyway, I think he’s great. I feel like meeting him would be a treasure. I hope he’s happy with his wealth that he’s brought in for himself.

He’s branched out into fashion and I like a lot of it. I am a Carhart, flannel, and jeans type of guy but I do occasionally step out into something bold (on a very, very rare occasion).

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