Monday Melt

We got dumped with inches of slushy, heavy snow in New England this past weekend. I spent a little over an hour clearing the walkways and driveway.

One of the shovels bent in half from the weight of a snow chunk I tried scooping up.

Yesterday was warm and the melt began which has carried into today. Water is everywhere and the backyard is almost cleared. Just another day or two of sunshine and 40° weather it’ll be all gone.

Spring is right around the corner. Warmer weather, sunshine, wardrobe swaps, and green on the trees. I get brutal allergies but it never stops the excitement.

Work is – meh. It’s tiring. I think I wasn’t ready to begin the week. I should probably take a vacation.

The American show dances on. Always something in the news. Nothing great. Politics is disgustingly sickening. Stories about our tech oligarchs, entertainment czars, media bosses, and every other detestable “leader” paraded about. Supposing to be our bright future.

Even if I try to remove myself from it – it’s so pervasive that it has infected the corporate culture. There are so many useless programs stuffed down your throat. I often wonder what kind of maniac would (assuming they actually work a real job 8 hours day) sign-up for extra things to do through their employer.

Am I the idiot? Is all that really fulfilling? They pay me to do one thing and now I’m going to volunteer more of my time to them? It feels like such a goof.

Monday evening musings.

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