First blog post

I’m not going to put much time into this first post – I’d actually like to just have something up here so the first post jitters are eased off.

I want to fill this blog up with posts and develop a reader base. I’d also like to get into reading other’s blogs so I can respond to other’s posts and have them respond to mine.

Do you like this pic of my dog? If I was twelve years younger and saw my dog crunching my beloved Elf, that dog would be O-U-T, OUT! Do you understand the effect this would have on my presents for the year? That Elf runs back to the North Pole and tells Santa I sicced my dog on him? I’m getting NOTHING! Snoopy would be on his way to find a new Charlie Brown ’cause I need that Elf to report my good deeds.

I was procrastinating finishing up this post when I came across an article about an antique mall in Lawrence, I’d like to head over there and check it out sometime. Preferably when nobody else is there…


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