BWW Rant

I very much enjoyed my Buffalo Wild Wings BOGO (Buy One, Get One) Buffalo Dry Rub Boneless Wings going in.

I very much am not enjoying them going out.

Why is it, that Buffalo Wild Wings and places of the sort, remain so inconsistent in both product and service, despite being so profitable.

Why is it that I agree to travel to their restaurant, oblige their marketing tactics, sit in the brutally tacky and corporatized indoor dining (though they do have some local decorations at mine and it’s not too-too ugly inside), surrounded by teenagers helplessly drawn in by the “McDonalds with beer” menu, just to order the same thing I get every time.

That must be it, it’s those Buffalo Dry Rub Boneless Wings. The deal is irresistible. You are doubling your regular order of wings for nothing. You feel like you’re ripping them off. I will suffer through anything once Buffalo Dry Rub Boneless Wings are on my mind.

Gaahhh! Excuse me, I have to go do something.

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