When you love something –

Set it free, and if it comes back to you – it loves you.

I’m impatient when I want something.

Maybe it wasn’t good for me when my preschool teacher would take munchkins of other kid’s plates and switch them with mine so I got all chocolate glazed.

It taught me to think I deserved whatever I wanted – and if I didn’t get it, I could pout and someone would come running over and fix it for me.

Disclaimer: I was 6. (I think I get a pass)

I’m in love with someone.

It’s making me question if I’ve ever even known love.

I don’t think I have.

It’s complicated, and I don’t know if love is supposed to be that way – but who really knows anything about love anyways?

There isn’t some rule book to it, there isn’t a referee blowing the whistle when something doesn’t go according to plan, there’s no judge slamming the gavel down forcing a decision.

Love is complicated. Loving when you’re apart is even more so. Loving so much that you are willing to separate and let go – sacrificing the love – for the greater good, is complicated.

I cannot explain this to anyone, nor should I. It’s nobodies business who I love and what I do with my love.

I’m in pain today. I had to put my brave face on and say bye.

The timing is never right.

It’s not perfect.

I don’t care, I’m not after perfect.

Though in a way, I am after perfect (that’s you).

Richie, if you could see me now you’d be so proud.

I can wait with a hopeful heart for the day you come to me.

For now, I’m moving on in my own way.

If that day doesn’t come, there will be heartbreak – that is the cost of hope, and I’ve bought it on credit.

I’ll land on my feet, I always do.

Cats like me have nine lives anyway.

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